February 8, 2013

Yellison goat cheese and wild greens roulé


We went for a stroll this afternoon to check how Mother Nature was doing, as ever she has been generous to us and we came back with some nice wild food! Even though we found less edible herbs than we did back in January (due to the snow fall), we still managed to get a bag full of micro greens. By micro greens, I mean young fresh shoots that have just popped out of the ground and that are packed full of goodness.  We foraged some hedge garlic, ground ivy, marjoram, cleavers, vetch, ox-eye daisy and dandelion, a tasty mix that will just go perfectly as a starter for our dinner.

IMG_0465We had some of Steve’s delicious goat cheese log (Yellison Farm, North Yorkshire) in the fridge and decided to roll it in some chopped fresh wild herbs. We reserved the rest of our harvested greens to be served as a salad. We made a simple red wine and olive oil dressing to go with it to keep all the flavour of the plants. It was a very easy and quick starter plate to prepare but what a treat, the log went superbly well with the wild leaves, add a bit of warm toast and you’re in heaven!!!

We are really looking forward to Steve’s goat cheese making courses in Spring and we can’t wait to try out more recipes! Image

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