November 2, 2012

Shrimps, shrimps wonderful shrimps!!!!


Last night our new wild food foraging courses for 2013 went live onto our website.  This year we have expanded our coastal courses to include the Northwest and explore a new area with an exciting range of wild foods that we can’t find on the Yorkshire coastline.

For this new course in Flookburgh, Cumbria we have enlisted the help of an amazing local expert, Steve Manning whose family has been fishing Morcambe bay for three generations.  His speciality is the brown shrimp which is one of my favourites and a great reason to fish and forage in this area.

The brown shrimp is much neglected, I have no idea why, yes it is a little smaller than the watery pink prawns you can buy in the supermarket, but for taste it cannot be beaten and it’s wild and local!!. We are not the only ones who want to champion this amazing ingredient and many great chefs in the UK are using them, as our course hit the internet last night the BBC’s Great british food revival had Glynn Purnell in Flookburgh fishing for shrimps just like we will on the course!!  Glynns half hour spot was hugely inspiring and some of the recipes looked amazing, it got my mind racing about all the delicious dishes I will be cooking on the courses!!!

To checkout our Coastal courses follow this link .

Come and join us exploring the wild food of the British coastline whether it is the rocky, lobster rich shore of the North east or the sandy salt marsh delights of Cumbria. You will be guided by wild food experts and local fishermen.


If you fancy trying some shrimps you can buy them online!!!  Make sure you support our local fisherman, they are a dying breed and if we lose them we will be losing some of our British heritage as well as amazing ingredients.


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  1. I saw the Great British Food Revival show and have already bought some potted brown shrimp (delicious) and have some plain brown shrimp in the fridge waiting to be used. Your course will be great.

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