Sept21 - Foraging Finds - Taste the Wild
September 8, 2021

One Day Foraging – FFFF&R

One Day Foraging - Fruits, flowers, foliage, roots & fungi

From Fruits, flowers, foliage, roots & fungi, there is always something to forage.

On our courses in addition to sharing our knowledge of wild edibles and their uses we also identify and therefore elinate those that are toxic.

Here our our finds from our recent courses in the Taste the Wild woodland.

If you would like to join us on a One Day Foraging course, please take a look at the course details here: Countryside, Coastal, Fungi.

AcornsChop nuts as soak then grind to make a flour
Aniseed funnelMushroom
Artist bracket fungusMushroomFun to draw on!
Bay boleteMushroomSmall bolete, mushroom with pores dark brown cap and has a distinct yellow ring at the stop of the stem
BittercressCress replacement, found all year round
BlusherMushroomStriped skirt and bruises red when touched or nibbled, must be cooked thoroughly
BramblePickled bramble stems
Brown roll rimMushroomToxic large brown mushroom, gills run down the stem and the rim rolls inwards
BurdockEdible roots can be roasted or used to make dandelion and burdock beer. Leaves can be used like a banana leaf
Chicken of the woodsMushroomEdible but can cause gastric upset in some, try a small bit (well cooked!)
CloverTea or salads
Common stinkhornMushroom
Cow parsley
DandelionAll parts edible, leaves in salads, buds pickled, flower petals in sugar water to make vegan honey, root roasted to make coffee
DecieverMushroomSmall orangy brown cap, with a wavy edge, widely spaced gills with a smaller gill inbetween, fiberous stem
Dog Rose
Earth ballMushroomLooks like a potato, is firm when young flesh is usually black inside but sometimes white in young specimens – Toxic
ElderCordial, shrub (with vinegar instead of water), fritters, tea, alcohol infusion. Berries- vinegar, tea, jam etc great for colds and flu
Enchanters nightshadeToxic
Field mint
Fools parsleyToxic
Guelder Rose
HawthornYoung leaves great in a salad, blossom to make an almond syrup or in salads, berries high in pectinm great for jam or fruit leather
HazelEdble nuts, ready to pick end of August, green are cob nuts
Herb robertSalads
HogweedAll parts edible, young shoots great in a cheese bake, flowers in a salad or tempura battered and fried, seeds like cardamom
HorseradishLeaves and root can be used, both have the wonderful radish flavour
Japanese rose
Lords and LadiesToxic
Milk capsMushroom
NettleMultiple medicinal and edible uses, it’s a super food and delicious – pasta, cordial, soup, crisps etc
Oak gall / Oak appleUse to make ink
Oak mazegillMushroom
Pestle puffballMushroom
PlantainRibwort and broadleaf: leaves contain antihistamine, anti-fungal, anti-viral, antibacterial and stop bleeding, both have edible flowers tasting of raw mushroom
Purple vetchFlowers and leaves in salads etc seeds toxic
RaspberryEdible leaves, flowers and fruit, leaf tea good for menstrual pains
Red cracked boleteMushroom
RosePetals in salads or cakes or make wine
Rose hipSyrup v high in vitamin c
Russula / brittle gillMushroomThin coloured cap flesh that easily peels to reveal a white flesh, the gills break easily when you rub your finger across them, stem snaps
Sea buckthornBerries have a wonderful sour juice
SedgeLong grasses use for weaving or making cordage
Self healMade into balms or creams for skin complaints
Shaggy ink capMushroom
Snakeskin grisetteMushroom
SpruceTea or dry to matcha
Stinking dapplingMushroomToxic
Sulphur tuftsMushroomToxic, sulphur yellow gills turning blackish green with age
Sweet cloverTea or salads
Sweet woodruffBest dried and then used as a flavouring
Tawny GrisetteMushroom
Turkey tailsMushroomMedicinal mushroom, great for immune boosting
Willow herbLeaves as a salad or spinach, leaves rolled and dried for tea, stems- young can be treated like asparagus, flowers- salads or colour changing water
Wood avens
Wood earsMushroom
Wood sorrelLooks like clover with heart shaped leaves, salads, sorbet etc

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