October 28, 2013

Hedgerow Vodka

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The participants raised a glass of Hedgerow Vodka
The participants raised a glass of Hedgerow Vodka


What could be better than picking berries, making flavoured liqueurs and sharing them with friends?

It is the perfect time to make this simple but amazing liqueur. The recipe is below with photos from last Saturday’s fungi course.

Hedgerow VodkaHedgerow vodka

This liqueur is packed full of fruit flavours, the combination of berries gives it an amazing depth but also a sweetness from the raspberries and a slight tartness from the apples. My recipe is below but you can vary the ingredients as you wish.

  • 200g blackberries
  • 200g raspberries (It will be almost impossible to find wild raspberries at this time of year so substitute fresh or frozen from the shops.)
  • 200g hawthorn haws
  • 200g crab apples
  • 200g rosehips
  • 100g sloes
  • 100g elderberries
  • 1ltr Vodka
  • 150g sugar

Collect the fruit and berries, remove any twigs and give them a wash. Put the fruit into a large jar with the sugar on top and pour in the vodka. Seal up the jar and give the contents a swirl round to dissolve the sugar. Put the jar in a cupboard. gently swirl it round once a week to help the flavour come out of the fruit. After 1 month taste the vodka if you think it needs more of one particular fruit add some from the hedgerow (or the freezer). After 2 months check the flavour again it should be full of fruit flavour. Strain into a large, clean jug, adjust the sweetness to your taste and bottle.

Hedgerow berries – quick identification notes


Grow on the thorny Blackthorn tree found in hedgerows. The fruit is around 1.5cm long and often has a powdery bloom covering it. The fruit looks like a small hard plum. (it is from the same family)


Blackberries 3 Blackberries

A thorny scrambling perennial which you probably all know! It can be found often climbing up walls and hedges. The similar Dewberry is also good to eat, pick the black ripe fruit.


elderberries 2Elderberries

The Elder tree grows in hedgerows and often on waste ground to a height of around 4m usually. It is the tree that has Elderflowers in June which turn to berries in late summer. Be sure of your identification.


crab apples1Crab Apples  

Crab Apples vary, the apples can range in colour from yellow to green to those with red tints. As long as they are small and very sour they are perfect. Wilding apples have grown from discarded apple cores and are often not really sour enough.


hawthorn haws1Hawthorn haws

The familiar Hawthorn tree grows in most hedgerows. The haws grow in small bunches and are approximately 1cm long. The leaf has a distinctive shape and the branches and twigs are thorny.


dog rose hips (1)Rosehips

The hips in the photo are those of the Dog rose. You can use other rose hips but make sure they are red and in good condition. You can find this perennial plant in woods and hedgerows.


Watch out there are poisonous berries in the hedgerows – stick to the ones on this list to be safe.

Course photos from the fungi course on Saturday 26th Oct 2013

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