September 4, 2014

Hedge Jelly

This is a simple recipe to make a wonderfully tasty wild fruit jelly that is great on toast, in cakes or whenever you need a hit of fruity goodness.  We have been doing it for years and it remains a great favourite.

The beauty of this recipe is that you can use which ever edible hedgerow fruit you can find. We put some Crab Apples in as well to add pectin to the jelly.  It is the perfect recipe for when after a Sunday stroll with the family you have a bag of mixed berries and a little time to be creative.

There are no quantities on this recipe  just a list of ingredients. The reason for this will become clear.



Sloes, Blackberries, Hawthorn haws, Rosehips, Elderberries, Rowan berries, Crab Apples… and some water, lemons and sugar.


The amount of water, lemon and sugar depends on how much fruit you have gathered. We usually have about half a basket of Hawthorn haws and then a mixture of the other fruits.

Clean the fruit of any large stalks and leaves put them into a large pan, cover with water and simmer for 45 mins until the fruit loses its colour and is very soft (you might need to top up the water). Strain through muslin and save the hot fruit juice.

Measure the liquid and pour it in to a clean pan. Add 450g (1 lb) of sugar for every pint and the strained juice of a lemon.  Stir the jelly until the sugar dissolves and then boil it fast until jelly reaches setting point ( usually 104 degrees C ) skimming off any scum. Pour into sterile jars and cover when cool enough.


Below are a few pictures of last weeks foraging courses.  Thank you all for coming.

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