September 5, 2016

Crab apple Brandy

crab apple brandy to drink
The finished product, ready to drink!

Not just for jelly!
Deliciously tart Crab apples turn a very average bottle of brandy into a luxury tipple.


1 x 70cl bottle of brandy
500g crab apples
Juice of half a lemon
50g sugar


Wash the crab apples, remove the stalks and cut them into halves. Put them into a large bottle or jar with a well fitting lid. Add the brandy, lemon juice and sugar. Swirl the ingredients around to dissolve the sugar and leave in a dark place for a month. Once a week give the brandy a gentle swish round to help extract the flavour from the fruit. After a month taste it to check for flavour and sweetness.

crab apple brandy just started

The flavour of the crab apple brandy will vary from year to year as the fruit varies. You can easily sweeten the liqueur by stirring in some caster sugar. Likewise if there is not enough apple flavour add some extra apple and leave for another week or two. When you are ready to bottle the brandy remove the fruit and strain through a very fine mesh sieve or muslin. The crab apple brandy will improve with keeping, – ideally store for a year before drinking.

3 responses to “Crab apple Brandy

  1. I made crab apple brady using gin back in 1993. At first it looked like pink soda pop. Every year it darkened, it looked like whisky then it darkened more, now it’s dark like cola. It’s syrupier now, like cough syrup and tastes sweet, amazing. I just keep it in the cupboard but recently moved it to the refrigerator. It’s great just to have a shot and really good over vanilla ice cream. I wonder what it’ll be like in another 10 years!

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