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October 31, 2012

Bivouac Fungi course

Our morning teaching about mushrooms at Bivouac (North Yorkshire) was our last course of the year 2012. It feels a bit weird knowing that we won’t be teaching people about plants and mushrooms before next spring, but on the other hand it also means that we’ll have more time for some new projects and trust me our … Continued

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October 29, 2012

Phallus Impudicus

Phallus Impudicus, also known as Stinkhorn or Witch’s Eye, is a rather surprising mushroom! It grows into two very distinctive shapes: first as an egg that is half buried into the ground and when it gets mature, it turns into a phallic shape. At this stage, more often than not you actually smell it before … Continued

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Fungi Day Course – 28th Oct 2012

This was our last Fungi Day Course down in our woods for this season. We can’t believe how fast it has gone! But don’t worry even though there are some varieties of mushroom that won’t come back before next autumn there are still some delicious species growing as the pictures will show you! Monsieur Honey … Continued

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