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September 26, 2012

Hedgerow Ketchup

Try this ketchup with rabbit and apple burgers…! If you don’t have any of those to hand it’s good with eggs, cheese or meat. I collected mostly Hawthorn Haws for this sauce, but for variety I added some rosehips, blackberries, sloes, and elderberries. 1kg mixed hedge berries, (mainly haws) 500ml cider vinegar 100ml malt vinegar … Continued

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Rosehip syrup

Rosehip syrup made mid October when the rose hips are as red as possible before they start to rot. This recipe makes about 1.75 ltr 500g clean ripe rosehips 650g sugar 1tsp citric acid Mince, chop,or blitz the rosehips in a food processor. Boil 800ml water in a large pan and add the rosehips. Bring … Continued

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Elder Rob

This a great cordial, served hot it banishes winter sniffles and prevents ‘Man Flu’.   Rose thinks so anyway!! Elderberry Rob/Cordial A lovely, warming, winter drink – gives you vitamins A, B and lots of vitamin C. Mix the cordial with hot water to help with coughs, colds and flu. 2lb Elderberries 1 cup of water … Continued

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