February 2, 2016

Wild micro herbs. Available now!

Micro herbs or micro greens have been a big hit in the restaurant trade for some time. In essence they are just very immature plants picked within a few days or weeks of sprouting. They look and taste great, so what about some wild ones?


The mild Winter has given Spring a jump start and there is an abundance of mini wild herbs popping up.  Despite their miniature size they pack a big punch of taste!

A quick walk around our woods and a bit of weeding in the garden gave me six varieties.

From left to right top row 2 x Sheep’s sorrel, Curled dock, Jack by the Hedge.                Bottom row Wood sorrel and Cleavers and a penny for scale.

There is great range of flavour in these six little plants.  Tangy acidic Wood and Sheep’s sorrel, mildly bitter Dock, freshly pea-like Cleavers and mustardy Jack by the hedge.

I particularly like the micro Jack by the hedge because the full size leaf really an be a bit too bitter. This baby version had all the mustard heat with only a pleasant slightly bitter edge. When I tasted this micro herb mix together I immediately thought of pairing it with some lovely smoked fish.

The dish has been mulling over in my mind for a week or so and I have added a few extra ingredients, some for their seasonality and some inspired by the flavours of kedgeree.

The amazing smoked haddock came from www.alfredenderby.co.uk in Grimsby and has the deep smokey taste of ‘properly’ smoked fish.  Go out of your way to get hold of some!!

The fish and wild micro herbs were served with Pea puree, Jerusalem artichoke puree, crispy bhaji onions and turmeric oil.

Smoked haddock, wild micro herbs, Jerusalem artichoke, pea puree, Crispy bhaji onions and turmeric oil



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