September 18, 2012

Wild about berries Masterclass 15.09.12

Hedgerow berries are one of the staples of the foraging year.  So many of us go out to pick the ubiquitous Blackberry, but this course this weekend we explored ten different berries found commonly in Britain at this time of year.  More importantly, we spent the day turning our foraged fruits into delicious preserves both sweet and savoury.

Thank you to Jitka, Mark, Jan, Jill, Katy, Rihanna and Stuart for joining us for the day.

Happy Jamming!!

We had a lovely mixed salad with goats cheese and Blackberry vinegar for lunch ( thank you Caco) and I thought that I would include the recipe for the vinegar here.  Not just for salads and cheese it is equally as good on vanilla ice cream!!

Ice cream and vinegar???    …  yes really!!!

Blackberry vinegar

Fruit vinegars can be made with a variety of fruit. Traditionally raspberry vinegar was the most popular. It was used as a cordial or poured over desserts. Blackcurrants and blackberries are good too and can be used to make savoury dressings for salads or cheese dishes.


Malt vinegar


Weigh the berries then wash and remove any bugs etc. Put them in a bowl then squash a little with the back of a spoon. For every 1lb of fruit add 1pt vinegar and cover the bowl with a cloth.  Leave to stand for 3 – 4 days stirring occasionally. Strain the liquid through a fine mesh sieve into a measuring jug.  For every pint add 1lb sugar and put in a pan. Boil for 10 minutes then cool, strain again and bottle in sterile bottles.

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