September 25, 2012

Vegetarian Wild Food Weekend Sept 2012

We had a great vegetarian weekend with Aimee, Ian, Rich, Sasi, Shirley, Therese and Stephen.  We looked at aromatic herbs, roots, berries and fungus. Once more, we cooked some delicious and original meals. We were lucky with the weather and we had great company. Thank you to all of you for coming and hope to see you again on another course.

Here is the weekend menu:

Saturday lunch

Wild Marjoram smoked halloumi with Corn Mint, Sumac
and campfire chapatis.
Angelica seed biscuits

Saturday night dinner

Burdock and Parsnip soup
Wild mushroom and Chestnut patties with Hogweed spiced pumpkin
and Elderberry Pontack sauce.
Blackberry whisky drizzled apple cake

Sunday lunch

Wild pizza blanca with Sorrel, Nettle and hazelnut pesto, Ricotta and foraged mushrooms
Meadowsweet infused carragheen pudding with hot hedgerow berry sauce.

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