September 5, 2017

Piper the dog (and Albert)

Thank you so much for letting me accompany you on the first part of your course yesterday. I really did enjoy it and was most grateful that occasionally we stood (I sat of course) and listened to your and Rose’s explanation of seaweeds (all edible but not necessarily delicious) winkles, limpets, crabs, lobsters and all thinks pertaining to the sea. As You know I was taken back to the car but my master tells me lunch was very tasty and much enjoyed by all. He also tells me that the afternoon was equally erudite and interesting. When he got home he could not stop talking about it to the mistress. Thought it was one of the best Christmas presents he had ever had. They are now looking at your mushroom course.
I also thought the whole group was a great group. All interested, asked good questions except for the master of course who is a little slow on the uptake at times. They were all knowledgeable and came to learn more.
Thank you for an excellent day, oh and the master thanks you as well!