February 17, 2013

Seasonal and local!


Taste the Wild has always been about making great food with wild things that you find – It does what it says on the can!

Eating food that is in season and that is local to us makes sense in all sorts of ways.   It is not just that we are reducing food miles and in turn reducing our carbon footprint, it is not even that eating with the seasons is cheaper.  When it comes down to it the big, glaring truth is that it tastes better! 

The act of foraging for your food makes you become very much in touch with your location and the passing seasons

What is available can differ from place to place, depending on the landscape, geology and geography. You need to know your own neighbourhood and I can guarantee that there are edible wild plants out there for all of us, whether we’re rural, urban, south, north or on the coast.

There are all sorts of factors that affect what grows around us and by learning about your local environment you will become a better forager

Just as great wild food being related to soil type and landscape, great local food producers create wonderful produce based on the best that grows around them and often it is because the landscape and plant combinations naturally work well that their products are so good.

This weeks ‘Countryfile’ programme on Sunday evening is all about local food production. It includes a compilation of local food stories including a piece that Chris did with Katie Knapman about foraging for seaweed and creating sushi from wild and locally sourced ingredients.

BBC1 Sunday 17th Feb 7.00pm 


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