June 8, 2018

Rose petal cordial

Here is the recipe for an amazingly fragrant summer cordial - you can start it now and enjoy it in just a few days :)

This delicious cordial is so easy to make and is ready in just two days. You can use any well flavoured rose petals, my favourite is the Japanese rose, Rosa rugosa, it has the flavour of Turkish delight!  The finished drink is gorgeous mixed with water but you could try soda with it, use it as an ingredient in cocktails, or even add it to desserts.

Rose Petal Cordial – makes 1.7 Litres
• 150g well scented rose petals
• 1 litre water
• 1 kg sugar
• 1 lemon zested and sliced
• 35g citric acid
• Screw topped bottles.

 Always use sterile equipment, check out the best method for you;
• chemical steriliser e.g. Milton,
• microwave wet for 2 minutes,
• heat in the oven at 125 degrees C for 10 minutes,
• boiling for 10 minutes.

First sterilise a large plastic food container and a stirring spoon. Then boil the water and pour it into the container, add the sugar and stir until dissolved. When warm – but not steaming, add the lemon zest, sliced lemon, rose petals and citric acid. Stir, then cover the container with a lid or tea towel.

Stir twice a day for two days with a very clean spoon (pour boiling water over it – this should kill germs).

After two days the cordial is ready to bottle. Sterilise a large jug, a funnel, bottles, and a muslin cloth (or fine sieve).
Strain the cordial through the muslin (or sieve) into the jug. Then using the funnel fill the bottles and screw down the caps.
The cordial will keep for up to a month in the fridge or will freeze well for up to a year.

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