March 19, 2014

Our new season is nearly here

Our 2014 foraging courses will be starting just a few weeks time and we are busy making a few improvements on site.  As always Rose has been very busy managing the woodland, creating habitat for our growing number of wild edibles and clearing up storm damage.

The loss of a few big trees in the winter winds is always sad, but on the bright side it does open up the opportunity for a bit of new planting to take their place. The choice of what to put in is always a difficult one but it is always a task Rose approaches with relish, ready to balance the long term needs of the woodland with some shorter term gain in beauty and food for us and the birds!  Final planting was 15 Oak to help regenerate what was once continuous cover oak woodland, 15 Rowan for their rugged nature and their amazing berries, 15 Hawthorn for their flowers, foliage and berries and finally 15 Rosa rugosa (Japanese Rose).

I know the Rose is not native. but it is such an amazing plant. Rugged and resilient it will thrive on the edge of the woods and in time will provide us with fragrant flowers and huge hips both of which we love to use in the kitchen. You might remember some of our R. rugosa recipes here.

Japanese rose (square)
Rosa rugosa in full bloom

Whilst Rose has been working hard on the woodland management I have been refurbishing the composting toilets which also got a battering in the storms.  I know it doesn’t sound like fun but actually I’ve enjoyed every minute. The improvements mean that as well as lasting for a few more years, dealing with our waste in a most efficient way, the newly remodeled facilities will be a bit more comfortable for our visitors.



Chris fixing bench together


We have also been revamping the teaching area with some new benches, a way to create something new from some of our fallen trees.. We are looking forward to seeing new visitors sitting on them very soon.

Foraging course begin 12th April See website for details


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