September 7, 2010

Northumberland Coastal wildfood walk

This is the first mention of a new walk that Taste the Wild are going to be doing with Discover North Country. This week Chris and I have been up to the most beautiful piece of coastline imaginable to do a reccy for this new Wild food walk. As well as it being beautiful there were lots of very interesting wild food plants. Quite different from those at Staithes, it being sandy with a shore line that was an ungrazed ancient pasture.

Here we were finding salad burnet, wild Thyme, Meadow Vetchling,Restharrow, all sorts of meadow plants aswell as sandy coastal plants such as Sea Rocket, Frosted Orache, Red Goosefoot and Wild Carrot. The Grassland walk leads through to the prettiest bay ever which also has a rocky area with lots and lots of different edible seaweed species.

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