Meadowsweet Flowers
August 15, 2021


With its sweet vanilla and almond fragrance this “Queen of the Meadow” wasn’t actually named after meadows but Mead. The fermented honey drink was once flavoured with Meadowsweet flowers, which have been used as a herbal painkiller since the Nordic brewers started using it as an ingredient. The cream flowers (from midsummer to autumn) grow at the top of a metre high stem and the leaves (spring to autumn) can be used to infuse drinks and food.

Here are four recipes from our blog archive:

Bilberry Mousse, Meadowsweet Crumb and Heather Flowers.
Meadowsweet Fudge – a Summertime Favourite.
Bilberry Pie with Meadowsweet Custard.
Meadowsweet Crème Brûlée

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