Sourdough Baking
November 30, 2020

Lockdown Sourdough

It’s sourdough Sunday

It’s sourdough Sunday 🍞
I’m looking forward to joining Tom again in the #tastethewild woodland in 2021, on Back to Basics Bread, to improve my bread technique. But for now here is my #lockdown effort.
I look forward to seeing your loaves, happy nurturing, Paul
Sourdough Baking
Having diligently fed my (as yet unnamed) starter for weeks, it was that lively yesterday it was desperate to leave the jar and that sponge like texture is what your after. It will rise bread today, but the flavour will develop over the coming months.
Use a cup of starter to 4 cups bread flour and a cup of warm water. Measuring by cups is so straightforward in the outdoors and I continue to use them at home.
Mix the ingredients together, leave for an hour and then add a big pinch of salt. Giving the wild yeasts some time before adding the salt will lead to a stretchier dough.
Knead for 15 minutes (no skimping), pop it back in a bowl, cover and leave for a couple of hours.
Now take your dough, shape it, pop it into a well floured basket and leave somewhere cool overnight.
The next morning with the oven at 240 degrees C, turn your dough out of the basket into a dutch oven, pop the lid on and put the whole thing in the oven for about half an hour and until it sounds hollow when you tap the bottom of your loaf.
Serve with salted butter and a heart warming autumnal soup 🍜 or stew 🍲

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