Hairy Bikers
October 26, 2021

Hairy Bikers at Taste the Wild

Si and Dave Go North | Episode 4 - North Yorkshire

Si & Dave aka The Hairy Bikers call into the #tastethewild woodland during episode 4 of their new series “Go North” which first showed on Thursday 14th October @ 8pm on BBC2 But you can catch-up now on iPlayer.

The Hairy Bikers continue their adventure across northern England, and this week they are riding across North Yorkshire, the biggest county in England. On this leg, the bikers will be exploring the wild lands of the Yorkshire moors and the amazing producers that call the North York Moors National Park their home.

They meet a former hairdresser who is looking after the rare mangalica breed of woolly pigs, the youngest ever chef to receive a Michelin star, an award-winning beekeeper and a local forager Chris Bax. Along the way, they cook up a series of delicious meals including a mangalica pork wellington, a German bee sting cake and a root vegetable tray bake.

Here’s the link…/root_vegetable_traybake_06195 to the recipe for the Root Vegetable Tray bake food they cooked in our ovens and don’t forget to check out the Bax Botanics drink that was served with their meal. It’s made by Chris and Rose and non-alcoholic, so a great choice for our motorbiking duo.
It was an absolute pleasure to meet Si & Dave who are as friendly off camera as you see at home on the TV. Their production team and crew were also great company but we all wished that the RAF would have choosen a different day to practice flying their typhoon jets over North Yorkshire!

Chris, Rose and I would like to wish Dave a speedy recovery from the covid virus. On BBC breakfast Si said “He’s getting there. I think it’s hit him a little bit harder than any of us were anticipating, really. But Dave is as tough as an old boot.”

It was fantastic to be on episode 4 (North Yorkshire) of #hairybikersgonorth #gonorth with other fantastic producers and chefs. Tommy Banks of the Blackswan Oldstead, Orchards of Husthwaite, Yorkshire Honey, Otterburn Mangalitza Pigs

2 responses to “Hairy Bikers at Taste the Wild

  1. Hello there, I really enjoyed the bikers visit your your woodland set, I have subscribed for updates
    I wanted to ask you about the raised open fire you had set up. I’ve been thinking of making something similar and wanted to know what you used as the base that the fire was lit on? I usually cook on an open fire but think this will save my back
    Thank you

    1. Hi Mark. Glad to hear that you enjoyed watching us on the Hairy Bikers. It was on in October 21 and then repeated in January. Thank you for subscribing to our e-newsletter. The raised open fire is basically that. In our case it is a rectangle wall of block work, plastered in the same cob that we build our earth ovens from (clay and sand). The middle it then filled with rubble (rocks/stones etc). These are quickly covered with ash from successive fires. At the design or even build stage you could add in a deep area for pit cooking or a rocket stove ( Hope these helps. Kind regards, Paul

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