October 18, 2012

Fungi Day Course (Oct 2012) & Wild Mushroom Orsotto

Mushrooms, mushrooms and even more mushrooms!! We seem to have the weather in our favour at the moment (fingers crossed for the rest of the month), which gives us plenty of fungi. We are in a particularly good year for amethyst deceivers (they look like little jewels in the middle of the golden leaves litter), puff balls and shaggy ink caps, bringing lots of delicious flavour to our meals.

Thank you everyone for coming and happy foraging!

For those who are not the biggest fans of risotto or seem to never get it right, here is a recipe for orsotto (made from barley) we cooked for our guests last weekend. It’s simple and quick and a perfect Yorkshire/Italian dish.

Wild mushroom Orsotto serves 4 as a main or 8 as a starter.

1 onion chopped finely

3 cloves of garlic chopped finely

200g wild mushrooms chopped

500g Pearl barley

1 glass white wine


100g Butter cut into small cubes.

100g Parmesan or similar grated finely

Put a glug of olive oil into a large pan over a medium heat. Add the garlic and onion and cook gently without colouring until the onion is soft and translucent.  Add the mushrooms and cook these down until soft (about 5 mins).

Add the pearl barley to the mix and stir until each grain is shiny with oil. Now pour on enough stock (veg or chicken) to cover the rest of the ingredients, cover and cook on a medium heat for about 30 mins. You should check the pot regularly to make sure it does not go dry, adding more stock if necessary.

Check that the grains are cooked, I like them with a bit of chew, and then stir in the butter and parmesan, check for seasoning (it will need some black pepper but possibly no salt because of the cheese and butter) and serve.

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