September 7, 2010

Foraging at Brimham Rocks

Over the weekend we had a free afternoon and made our way up to Yorkshire gritstone country. Brimham Rocks in Nidderdale is high moorland dotted with huge rock formations. We weren’t rock climbing………those days are long gone..!!  but there are lots of Bilberries there and Cowberries too.

This Bilberry picker makes the job very fast. You comb it through the plants and berries fall into the back of the box. My advice if you get one though, is to use it when there are lots of fruit on the bushes otherwise you end up with lots of loose leaves mixed in with the bilberries and then you spend ages sorting it all out. It is quite late in the season now but we got cowberries as well as they ripen later.

Cowberries are known as Lingenberries in Finland and are served with salmon or reindeer. The  great thing about them is that they have natural preservatives in them and can be stored in a jar just covered with water. There were lots at Brimham as most people don’t realise that they are edible.

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