April 1, 2013

Build your own Earth Oven 03/13

Building an Earth oven with a group of enthusiastic, fun loving people is one of those wonderfully uplifting experiences I think everyone should have.  Not only are you involved in the creative process of producing a beautiful object, you get to be part of a team that builds an oven that will bake food to feed and delight people for years to come.  At the same time you learn the simple processes and techniques needed to build your own oven!

The design of this oven has been refined over centuries to produce a near perfect, material led form.

Have a look at the gallery below and see what you can build in one day with mud, sand, hay, water and a bit of horse poo.

Laying the bricks

Laying the brick base

Building the sand former

making sand former

Mixing cob

Mixing cob

First layer

building technique

Top layer

Top layer

Finished oven with happy builders!


Thanks to all !  A great day and a beautiful oven.

Next Oven course, 13th July 2013


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