Autumn Foraging with Fungi
October 25, 2021

Autumn Foraging with Fungi

Taste the Wild Foraging and Wood Fired Cookery Courses and Workshops

Over the weekend 30 people joined Taste the Wild on our Autumn Foraging with Fungi course and workshop.

We foraged through our private woodland looking for wild edible foods and fungi.

The autumn is a fantastic time to forage for mushrooms and we found some edibles, lots of inedibles and too many LBJs (little brown jobs) to count!

There are still some greens to be had and the berries in the hedgerows make excellent sauces and jams. Here’s our Pontack Sauce (aka Elderberry Ketchup) recipe.

Returning to the barn for lunch we served up wild green/red tapenades on freshly cooked pitta breads from the wood fired earth ovens, wild mushroom risotto with a foraged salad and elderflower cheesecake with a wild raspberry sauce. You can also join us to learn how to build an earth oven, getting hands on with the clay and sand to create an outdoor oven for a fraction of the cost of buying one.

Heading back out in the afternoon we found even more fungi and enjoyed some early halloween fun with the “witches eye” of the forest. These are the initial egg-like stage of the stinkhorn (phallus impudicus) and cut in a certain way the inner jelly covered edible part can be squeezed out of the outer sack like an eyeball popping out of a skull! Find out more about this Fungi in one of our earlier blog posts here:

Here’s what we found, talked about and (where we could) tasted:

FungiFoliage, Berries & Trees
Fly agaricNettles
Amethyst DeceiversWood sorrel
Puff ballsCow parsley
Shaggy inkcapsHawthorn
Jelly earsHorseradish
Trooping funnelsGielder Rose
Aniseed funnelRose
Clouded agaricRaspberry
Deer shieldRibwort plantain
Soapy KnightBroadleaved Plantain
Sulphur tuftsSweet woodruff
Common stinkhornElder
Maze gillsSilver birch – see below
Artist bracket


In March Chris and Paul made a video about tapping trees for their sap, you can watch it here: and don’t forget to subscribe.

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