One Day Foraging Course

Our one day foraging course will give you a fascinating insight into the best wild foods of the season. Throughout the year we find Wild Salads and Edible Greens, forage for Flowers, Herbs and Wild Berries, pick Hedgerow Fruit and prepare Wild Game.

One Day Foraging Fungi Course

A day in the woods foraging for wild foods. On this seasonal course we will be focusing on edible fungi and their identification. We will cook the edible Wild Mushrooms that we find for you to taste.

Cooking with Fire Course

Cooking on an open wood fire is a great skill to learn. You will make campfire wraps and Bannock bread. You will roast meat on a spit and create an oven in the ground to cook whole fish. We will teach you how to control the fire and which woods to use to create great outdoor food.

Vegetarian Wild Food Weekend Course

A weekend of foraging, cooking and eating great food. Whether it is Dandelion bhajis’is, Wild herb soup or Acorn sausages you will be learning how find and identify wild ingredients.

Wild Food Weekend Course

The weekend courses give us the time to delve deeper into the world of foraged foods with more time to spend cooking and creating dishes with wild ingredients.

Build your own Earth Oven Course

Learn how to plan and build your own earth oven, from the importance of the dimensions to the mix of the cob. On this course we will build an earth oven in the woods.

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