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£225 per person

We are strong advocates of responsible and sustainable foraging techniques and we will show you how to collect your wild edibles in a way that will have little impact on the landscape.

We will also teach you about the legalities of foraging and how, where and when you can forage for food, whilst keeping on the right side of the law.

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We have limited space in our tipi on site which will sleep a maximum of 4 people. These places can be booked at an extra cost of £10 per person per night. The tipi has coir matting on the floor and cushions, but you will need a sleeping mat/airbed and a sleeping bag and pillow. If you would like to book spaces please put in your request when you book.

Camping in the woods in your own tent is free of charge.

There is also a good selection of local accommodation that you can book direct. See accommodation button below.

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Vegetarian Wild Food Weekend Course

Course Description

You will forage, prepare, cook and eat from nature’s larder. Our outdoor kitchen is stocked with ingredients to accompany the wild foods and there are wood fired cooking fires and a clay oven to help us prepare great meals together.

Foraging brings a variety of rewards throughout the year and every course is different. In early spring we might be tapping the sap from trees and eating delicious young greens. Summer courses can use the hedgerow blossoms to make savouries, drinks and sweets. And then there are the fruits, berries, nuts and fungi of late summer and autumn.

On this new course we will look more closely at using wild ingredients in a vegetarian diet. Perhaps making simple cheese using vegetable rennet or later in the year harvesting wild nuts to make into flour and bake with.

During the course we will look at preserving wild foods and flavours in different ways. We will show you different techniques and give you samples to try.

In amongst the cooking, foraging and learning there will be time to relax too. The woods are there to be explored. There are campfires to sit around and books to read.

The cost of the course includes tuition, use of tools and all meals.

This course is designed to give you the confidence to start including wild foraged foods into your day to day diet and to use these fantastic ingredients to produce exciting menus.


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