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£85 per person

9.30am - 4.00pm

We strongly believe that you should leave the countryside as you found it and we will show you ways of having little impact on the landscape.

We will also tell you where you can legally have cooking fires and how to go about it safely.

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Cooking with Fire Day Course

Course Description

This course will give you the knowledge to cook all sorts of food from snacks to impressive dinners using wood fires. We will give you the rules of successful fire building and the trick of getting it to light first time!

Cooking with fire is an excitingly elemental skill that can produce great food in the outdoors. This day long course will explore some of the many cooking techniques available to us when cooking with flames and coals.

The morning will be spent learning how to build, light, control and maintain a cooking fire. We will teach you about wood selection for different fires, fire lays for different cooking techniques and how to start a fire with one match. Our morning snack and lunch will be cooked over an open fire with Dutch ovens, using newly acquired skills.

During the afternoon there will be a session looking at backwoods cookery - where you have the minimum of equipment. We will prepare a pit and teach you how to use this method to cook a variety of dishes. The emphasis of this course is on using different techniques to create new and interesting meals outdoors. Whatever your level of expertise this course will give you confidence and skills in fire building, fuel choice and cooking.

There will be food to taste throughout the day as well as lunch and hot or cold drinks.

This course is designed to give you the confidence and skills to cook great meals and snacks when you are out in the countryside.

Sample Itinerary

(itineraries can change due to the weather and the seasons)

9.30am Coffee/tea introduction
9.40am Fire building, lighting and maintenance
10.0am Make Bannock cake and start lunch prep
11.00am Elevenses
11.10am Continue lunch prep
12.o0pm Hot smoking
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Back woods cooking session
3.30pm Fish and veg snack
4.00pm Course finishes

Course Schedule

Cooking with fire 29th April 2017 £85 1 place Book this course
Cooking with fire 19th August 2017 £85 8 places Book this course
Cooking with fire 27th August 2017 £85 Fully booked


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