Corporate Course Packages

Whether it is a reward day or an alternative team building activity our woodland based corporate days give your team a chance to participate in fun activities and learn new skills.

Participants are given the opportunity to demonstrate creativity, practicality, leadership, sharing and a sense of fun.

We have created 4 suggested packages for you to explore, each with a specific theme, but as our packages are custom built you can pick and choose from all the activities to create your own special event.

We can offer up to 4 sessions in a day with rest breaks and lunch.

If you prefer half a day or to extend your day to include an evening barbeque this is also possible.

All equipment is provided along with excellent instruction.

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Corporate Activity Sessions

Eco Package

Little things we can do to save the planet - and have fun at the same time!

A day of activities giving nature a helping hand, making things from natural products, sustainably foraging and making beautiful new things from old.

Camp Craft Package

This is scouting for grown ups. Here you have the opportunity to do all those wonderful woodland things that you thought you would never get chance to.

Fires, shelters, food, whittling sticks and more.

Real Food Package

Food, glorious food! Cooking and eating together must be one of the best bonding experiences.

Real food is meaty things and sweet things, cooking and baking, heat and fire, tasting, learning and eating. Yum!

Creative Package

This session looks at ways we can use natural materials to create great arts and craft.

There is a mixture of group activities and individual projects, to engage the group. Lots of fun, fresh air and crafts to take home.


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