Real Food Package

Food, glorious food! Cooking and eating together must be one of the best bonding experiences. Real food gives your team the chance to explore their inner chef and produce great food over a campfire.

Our team will guide you and teach you but the creativity is all yours. A day of cooking and eating. Yum!

All our packages are custom built to suit your needs so if you have a particular request please ask.

Other Packages

All Taste the Wild courses focus on sustainability. Our facilities are basic; cooking is on wood fires and we have composting toilets to keep our carbon foot print as small as possible.


From £100 per person

9.00am - 5.00pm

We teach in groups of 6 to 10 people for most of our sessions. Up to 24 can be accommodated in a day divided into groups of 6. The groups change activity every hour and a half and there will be a good lunch and drinks provided made with local, seasonal produce.

Please make sure course participants have suitable outdoor clothing e.g. stout footwear and warm, waterproof coat.

If you want to discuss the possibilities and available dates please contact us by using the online enquiry form or call Chris on 07914 290 083

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Hot Smoking Food

Easy and fun, this workshop will teach you how to hot smoke food in a safe environment. We will show you how to make a small hot smoker and discuss which wood is the most suitable for slow burning. Herbs can give an additional flavour to the smoke and create some great tastes. Whether it’s smoking trout or halloumi cheese, this is a food skill that’s definitely worth learning.

Cooking With Fire

Back to basics

Cooking with fire is an elemental skill that can produce great food in the out-doors. We will teach you how to build, light and control a cooking fire, which woods to use, and which fire lays suit which cooking techniques. We will look at some of the many cooking techniques for example pit cooking, spit roasting, cooking with flames or more gently with coals. This session will give you the knowledge to create great outdoor food from simple snacks to great dinners.

Wild Preserves: To make and taste

Using wild ingredients we will make a seasonal preserve If you are with us in spring it could be salted Wild Garlic or a wild flower syrup, if its summer then maybe wild herb oil or mint jelly, into autumn we find berries and mushrooms for jams and pickles. Whatever time you come there are interesting preserves to make and everyone will have some to take home. There will also be a tasting of liqueurs and other preserves flavoured with wild ingredients.

Truffle Extravaganza

Preparing and flavouring truffles with wild ingredients

This is a treat for any chocoholics on your team. We will teach you how to make wonderful truffles flavoured with wild essences and wild fruit liqueurs. You will learn the simple techniques necessary to successfully melt chocolate add flavour and create delicious wild truffles. Everyone takes home a little gift box of truffles and a recipe sheet.

Sustainable Foraging: Walking, talking and tasting

A walk around our 18 acres looking at a variety of wild edibles: you will learn to identify plants, berries, flowers, fungi - whatever is in season at the time of year that you come. There will be stories about the wild food and things to taste too. The terrain is flat but the ground is uneven, long trousers and stout shoes are recommended.

Game Preparation

Wild game meat is lean and flavourful. It is important to know how to prepare and cook it properly. This session teaches you the skills needed to skin and prepare a rabbit. Everyone can take part removing the joints and making it perfect for cooking. Together we create a restaurant quality dish of rabbit loin stuffed with black pudding and pancetta. Everyone can taste the dish and there will be rabbit meat to take home.

Bread & Pizza Making

From kneading to baking

This session will teach you to make delicious pizza from scratch, spicy pitta breads or aromatic soda bread. It will take you from kneading the dough to shaping it and then baking it in our traditional earth oven; A very rewarding activity.

Sausage Making

A traditional skill

Interesting and fun, a great group activity to remember. We will explain the necessary ingredients for a great sausage and possible recipes you could try at home. Get involved with the preparation and the mincing of the meat, the flavouring and the mixing. Lastly we fill the sausage skins and then tie the bangers into links.

Sample Itinerary

9.00am Participants arrive - hot drink and introduction
9.30am Session 1 - Game Preparation
11.00am Session 2 - Cooking With Fire
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Session 3 - Sustainable Foraging
3.00pm Drink and biscuits
3.15pm Session 4 - Preserve Making and Tasting
4.30pm Conclusion - participants depart

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