Creative Package

Spend a day in the woods being creative. This session looks at using natural materials to create great art and craft. There is a mixture of team activities and individual projects, to engage the group.

A chance for participants to demonstrate practicality, creativity, leadership, sharing and a sense of fun. The sessions we offer all use natural materials and hand tools.

All our packages are custom built to suit your needs so if you have a particular request please ask.

Other Packages

All Taste the Wild courses focus on sustainability. Our facilities are basic; cooking is on wood fires and we have composting toilets to keep our carbon foot print as small as possible.


From £100 per person

9.00am - 5.00pm

We teach in groups of 6 to 10 people for most of our sessions. Up to 24 can be accommodated in a day divided into groups of 6. The groups change activity every hour and a half and there will be a good lunch and drinks provided made with local, seasonal produce.

Please make sure course participants have suitable outdoor clothing e.g. stout footwear and warm, waterproof coat.

If you want to discuss the possibilities and available dates please contact us by using the online enquiry form or call Chris on 07914 290 083

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Nettle Cordage

Handmade string from natural fibres

This session looks at the techniques of string and rope making. There will be instruction on this age old craft and the chance to have a go. We will look at different fibres from nettle and bramble to rushes and coir. We will collect some materials from the wood and make lengths of string. This session can be expanded to making friendship bracelets or to demonstrating other string uses e.g. net making, lashing and knots.

Natural Dyes & Dying: Creating colours from plants

The roots, leaves, flowers and bark of some plants can be used to colour fabric and yarn. Here we collect plants from the wood and cook them up on camp fires to create amazing dyes. Depending on the time of year we will be using different natural dyes – berries play a big part in the late summer. We use the dyes to colour fabric and create a beautiful colour swatch sampler. This fun session is practical and creative, there will be different camp fires brewing up different coloured dyes and so different work stations within the group.

Woodland Sculpture & Natural Artworks

Sculpture within a landscape can be very beautiful. Our 18 acre site has a wide variety of features - ponds, old stumps, winding paths etc. We will give participants some loose ideas, show examples of artists work and supply woodland materials. People can create as individuals or in groups it could be a sculpture from branches, twigs and leaves, or patterns using clay and sand, anything goes. We will photograph the results and give a prize to the best.

Weaving Green Willow

For individuals or a group

It could be individual creations that people make e.g. hanging decorations, a fishing rod stand, a table mat or a garden ornament. These things are all possible. Willow is such a versatile material and the session is flexible. If you prefer a group activity then we can create a large green willow structure. The team learn the techniques of joining, weaving and knotting the willow to create shape and structure. Willow this way is active and fun, you don’t take the piece home but you will have the memories!


Making new things that you want, from old things that you don’t

We love this session. Make a cleverly designed toasting fork from a wire coat hanger! Make beautiful garden labels from hammered spoons! Make old kitchen forks into hanging hooks for your home! This is the ultimate eco craft session. The things we make could change but will be equally good.

Dream Catchers Around the Camp Fire

This is a relaxing craft session learning about Native American folklore and dream catchers. Everyone sits together round the campfire and learns how to make a dream catcher. When the string work is done people can decorate their dream catchers as they choose with feathers, leaves or other found objects from the wood.

We manage our 18 acres of woodland for biodiversity, creating a range of habitats and managing them for both animal and plant life. The woods have become a haven for wildlife such as buzzards, wood-peckers and deer in an area of predominantly intensive arable farming. We have an area of young conifer species which we are gradually thinning to help the natural regeneration of birches, oaks and willows. We have created ponds and glades for insects and amphibians and along the rides we are planting smaller native broadleaf species for nuts, berries and fruit. These species give wild food to the birds, insects and mammals of the wood as well as us.

Sample Itinerary

9.00am Participants arrive - hot drink and introduction
9.30am Session 1 - Dyes & Dyeing
11.00am Session 2 - Group Willow Weaving
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Session 3 - Woodland Artworks
3.00pm Drink and biscuits
3.15pm Session 4 - Dream Catchers Around the Camp Fire
4.30pm Conclusion - participants depart

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