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This is scouting for grown ups. Here you have the opportunity to do all those wonderful woodland things that you thought you would never get chance to. Fires, shelters, food, whittling sticks and more.

This is not a survival course! This is learning useful skills that are fun and engaging and that you don’t have to be in the SAS to use!

All our packages are custom built to suit your needs so if you have a particular request please ask.

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All Taste the Wild courses focus on sustainability. Our facilities are basic; cooking is on wood fires and we have composting toilets to keep our carbon foot print as small as possible.


From £100 per person

9.00am - 5.00pm

We teach in groups of 6 to 10 people for most of our sessions. Up to 24 can be accommodated in a day divided into groups of 6. The groups change activity every hour and a half and there will be a good lunch and drinks provided made with local, seasonal produce.

Please make sure course participants have suitable outdoor clothing e.g. stout footwear and warm, waterproof coat.

If you want to discuss the possibilities and available dates please contact us by using the online enquiry form or call Chris on 07914 290 083

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Cooking With Fire

Back to basics

Cooking with fire is an elemental skill that can produce great food in the outdoors. We will teach you how to build, light and control a cooking fire, which woods to use, and which fire lays suit which cooking techniques. We will look at some of the many cooking techniques for example pit cooking, spit roasting, cooking with flames or more gently with coals. This session will give you the knowledge to create great outdoor food from simple snacks to great dinners.

Natural Navigation

Learn to read the landscape

This session involves walking around the wood looking at the trees, the sky, the way the plants grow and all manner of different clues to help map the site. Together the group create a map discussing the scale and direction of features and paths. As well as learning a new skill this session is active, creative and fun. If there are multiple teams doing this activity we can award a prize for the best map at the end of the day.

Fire Lighting

There is something elemental about creating fire that feels deeply satisfying. Working in the woodland environment the group first try modern fire steels to make their own individual fires. Then we move on to the ancient techniques of flint and steel and then a group fire bow. This session is popular and very memorable.

Weaving Green Willow

For individuals or a group

It could be individual creations that people make e.g. hanging decorations, a fishing rod stand, a table mat or a garden ornament. These things are all possible. Willow is such a versatile material and the session is flexible. If you prefer a group activity then we can create a large green willow structure. The team learn the techniques of joining, weaving and knotting the willow to create shape and structure. Willow this way is active and fun, you don’t take the piece home but you will have the memories!

Nettle Cordage

Make your own string from natural fibres

This session looks at the techniques of string and rope making. There will be instruction on this age old craft and the chance to have a go. We will look at different fibres from nettle and bramble to rushes and coir. We will collect some materials from the wood and make lengths of string. This session can be expanded to making friendship bracelets or to demonstrating other string uses e.g. net making, lashing and knots.

Shelter Building

Shelter building is a great team activity, whether it is one large group creating a joint shelter or smaller groups building alternative styles of shelter. Different types of shelter suit different weather conditions and locations. When the building is complete we can get inside and test them out, maybe even see if they are waterproof!

Camp Craft, Knots & Square Lashing

Fun with sticks and string

This is the camp craft that boy scouts and girl guides dream about; making tripods and pot hangers, lashing together branches to make a shelf or a coat rack. In a clearing in the wood we will show you how to make these things and more. There will be knots for holding up a hammock and knots that are easy to undo. Secateurs and loppers, sticks and string are supplied - great stuff.

Knife Skills

This session looks at the techniques used to create different shaped cuts into wood. Sharpening a stick uses long through cuts but cutting notches and right angles involved battening which is a safe skill that is interesting to learn. Together we make an animal trap that a Stone Age hunter may have used. Safety is paramount here and groups are limited to 6.

Sample Itinerary

9.00am Participants arrive - hot drink and introduction
9.30am Session 1 - Shelter Building
11.00am Session 2 - Cooking With Fire
12.30pm Lunch
1.30pm Session 3 - Natural Navigation
3.00pm Drink and biscuits
3.15pm Session 4 - Nettle Cordage
4.30pm Conclusion - participants depart

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